Tom Coulter

Tom Coulter


Dr. Tom Coulter is Head, Drug Discovery Programs and Partnerships at Dalriada Drug Discovery Inc. where he leads the company’s partnership activities, including business development and customer experience.

Over the past three decades, Tom has held senior leadership roles in European pharma and biotech, with over 20 years in contract research including an influential role with Evotec where for 16 years he helped to build the premier services company to a world leading position, leaving as Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery. More recently Tom was with Selvita in Krakow as the Director of Integrated Drug Discovery working to raise the International profile of this Polish company.

Tom’s background is in medicinal chemistry, and he has extensive experience spanning the discovery and delivery of new small molecule and biologic agents. He has managed drug discovery programs from hit identification through to nomination of over 15 preclinical development candidates in the fields of cancer, inflammation, endocrine disease and antivirals and has contributed to the identification of multiple investigational new drugs and one registered medicine.

Tom has a BSc (Hons) degree in chemistry from the Queen’s University of Belfast and a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Leeds under Professor Ron Grigg. After completing his PhD, he joined Jim Thomas’ group at the University of Manchester before starting his industrial career at Organon.