Fredric Wall

Fredric Wall


Fredric has held various sales and management positions in the Enterprise IT industry since 1996 whereof 20+ years has been international.

Fredric is a highly driven professional and business leader with a strong background in datacenter business with organizational, operational and technology knowledge across a wide range of industry domains and countries. Telecom, automotive and healthcare/research are domains out of many that he has a particular strong background in.

In his current EMEA leadership position, he is using his broad experience to advise leaders and national government organizations on how to drive innovation, attract talent, fuse economic growth, accelerate business, and adapt the organization and eco-system with its business models to fully utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence by implementing NVIDIAs platforms with its Software and Hardware.

He is also very committed to drive results by collaborating with customers, partners, and the wider international enterprise and academic community.

Much of his efforts has resulted in new innovations brought to life, a recent example is a project with large language models that can be implemented at large scale across many domains.

Outside his professional time, Fredric is a big watersports and skiing enthusiasts and practice this as much as possible in Spain where he lives. He recently added kitesurfing from the 40 years of windsurfing. Along with this he is very interested in cars, preferably sportscars from old to new.